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Michael Grove Solas Tribe

Starting Pitcher Michael Grove Joins SOLAS Tribe

Our hearts and souls go out to the Hollywood stars and innovative sportsmen for their amazing performances that have entertained us all from the comfort of our homes.

For us, keeping them cozy is truly an honour, to say the least, and now we know that they have entrusted light therapy as an all-natural and healthy means of recovering from the long hauls of the job.

If you’re curious as to why red light therapy has become so popular in Major League Baseball, we just might have an answer to that.

SOLAS just got in touch with Michael Grove, a rising star playing as a starting pitcher for Major League Baseball. The incredible athlete weighs in at 200 pounds and stands 6 feet 3 inches tall. The 24-year old’s charisma and attitude on and off the pitch helped the Los Angeles Dodgers become a great success in the Major League games.

Grove provides us with a glimpse into his amazing life and shares how he first became acquainted with light therapy in the following discussion.
We’re super excited to share what we’ve found here with you and hope you’ll want to know more about what makes him so good at what he does and more.

  1. About myself and Career

My name is Michael Grove and I am currently a starting pitcher in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization. I’m from Wheeling, West Virginia and played in college at WVU. I was drafted in the 2nd Round of the 2018 Draft, and have been with the Dodgers since then.

  • Have I always had a strong athletic background?

Yes, I was a 3-sport athlete for most of my life. Along with baseball, I played hockey and football all the way through high school. I think that all 3 sports helped me to learn skills that made me better as an all-around athlete. Before baseball became my best opportunity, I had always wanted to play professional hockey.

  • Would recovery help enhance any MLB player?

Absolutely. I think that recovery is the biggest area that most players can improve in. Everyone works in the weight room and on the field, but a lot of people don’t know a ton about recovery. Especially in a 162-game season, recovery techniques can help to keep you healthy.

  • How much priority does recovery take in my training?

I usually spend anywhere from 30 min – 1 hour on recovery every day. I like to do contrast hot/cold tubs, saunas, and various forms of arm care. Red light is the newest form of recovery for me and I’m excited to start reaping the benefits.

  • What got you excited about Solas?

I’ve heard a lot about red light therapy and the benefits for testosterone levels and muscle repair. It is something that is very easy to work into my daily routine, and I think it will really improve my health and how my body feels over the course of the season. Solas is an industry leader and has a really diverse lineup of products that are perfect for any situation.

  • Would I recommend Solas to other athletes?

Definitely. Red light therapy is very beneficial, and you’re not going to find a better product than what Solas has to offer. I highly recommend it!