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American Baseball Pitcher Garrett Cleavinger Joins SOLAS Tribe

American Baseball Pitcher Garrett Cleavinger Joins SOLAS Tribe

So many rising Hollywood stars and revolutionary athletes in the world have all adapted towards the all-natural and wholesome ways of healing through light therapy. 

Red light therapy has somehow predominantly taken over Major League Baseball and we want to know why. 

We’ve done the research for years and believe that it’s all in the science!

Quite recently we managed to get a hold of renowned American baseball pitcher Garrett Cleavinger. Weighing in one short of a 100, at 99kg’s and a reach of 185cm, The 27-year-old’s athletic build, charm, and relentless personality made him a phenomenal star for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

In the following conversation, Garrett gives us a peek into his life and also sheds some light on how he first got introduced to light therapy.

Let’s find out what makes him so good at what he does and more.

Solas: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your career.

Garrett Cleavinger: I’m originally from Lawrence, Kansas and I played baseball, basketball, and football all through high school and growing up. I attended the University of Oregon on a baseball scholarship from 2013 until I was drafted in the 3rd round by the Baltimore Orioles. Have since been traded to Philadelphia and now out to Los Angeles.

Solas: Any specific goals for yourself and your career?

Garrett Cleavinger: I think my goals for my career are to play for as long as possible and have fun while doing that. Baseball can provide many things in your life but I also want to enjoy the time playing.

Solas: Have you always had a strong athletic background?

Garrett Cleavinger: I like to think I have always been a decent athlete playing three sports growing up. I would always encourage young athletes to play as many sports as they can for as long as they can.

Solas: Do you feel that adding better recovery could help enhance any MLB player?

Garrett Cleavinger: A recovery is a huge tool for any MLB player, we play so many games a year and don’t have too many nights off so we always have to be ready and feeling good to go out and perform at our best.

Solas: How much post-training time do you dedicate to recovery? What are some of the tools you use for recovery?

Garrett Cleavinger: We try to do as much recovery work as possible with contrasts between hot and cold tubs and soft tissue work along with weight training and just trying to get good rest and hydration and nutrition.

Solas: How much priority does recovery take in your training?

Garrett Cleavinger: It is a huge priority.

Solas: What got you excited about  Solas and red light therapy?

Garrett Cleavinger: I had a friend, Trevor Bettencourt who recommended Solas to me and it got me interested in trying it. He’s recovering from Tommy John’s surgery and has had good results with Solas.

Solas: What part of your personal training routine is the toughest to get through, but left you having a harder time receiving from?

Garrett Cleavinger: I think just pitching night in and night out is the hardest thing to recover from, you finish one night’s game and might be a little sore or banged up and then you have to be ready to go again the next day and I think Solas along with other recovery tools could help shorten that recovery time.

Solas: Have you noticed any benefits since you started using your Solas light? 

Garrett Cleavinger: Yes, I really like using the device after games because of some soreness in my arm. After just one treatment, I can definitely tell a difference in pain.

Solas: Would you recommend Solas to other athletes who are looking to enhance their recovery game?

Garrett Cleavinger: 100% would tell any serious athtlete to check them out.