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SOLAS MINI: Portable Red Light Therapy Device

SOLAS MINI: Portable Red Light Therapy Device

Sheesh! That’s a big claim. With innumerable LED light therapy devices in the market promising the same thing, how are we ever going to back it up? 

Let us start off by stating the fact that Solaslight is the only brand that combines the science of light with magnetic frequencies to curate their red light therapy devices. 

Solaslight has the best interest of its customers in mind. This is why they made sure to make safety a top priority while designing the product. After conducting multiple types of research and heavy trials, they finally formulated the red light therapy device units that can be carried around anywhere.

Now let us give you a little backstory about the brand, so you can get to know Solaslight more intimately. 

Back Story

Dating back to a few years, the CEO of Solaslight, Jason Sosa, had faced some dire health complications. Unwilling to inject himself with harmful chemicals, and undergo painful procedures, he sought to try out red light therapy treatment. 

Little did he know that it would change his direction in life completely. 

The benefits of red light therapy treatment prevailed upon Jason to believe in its superiority over other, more traditional treatment methods. 

Thus, came about the inception of Solaslight. 


Solaslight believes that everyone should push their bodies to flourish, and red light therapy is the path to take.

Red light therapy uses the help of natural light to tackle health problems on a cellular level. The red light, when exposed to bare skin, seeps in just below the surface and stimulates the mitochondria – the powerhouse of the cell. 

The mitochondria are then able to produce more energy via the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecules – energy carrying molecules. 

Increased ATP production leads to a reduction in oxidative stress and free radicals in the body. Oxidative stress affects the body’s ability to detoxify the free radicals – harmful organisms in the body.

Starting from acne-related concerns, to chronic pain, red light therapy treatment can help treat multiple health complications.

If you would like to broaden your horizons on red light therapy, its uses, and benefits, you could check out the Solaslight blog.

Vision and Mission

Through the assistance of their carefully modeled, high-powered units, Solaslight persists in providing everyone with access to portable red light therapy devices. 

Their current market consists of many MLB players, however, they want to appeal to everybody. The array of benefits provided by red light therapy should be enjoyed by all. 

Keeping the monetary aspects in mind, Solaslight made sure to create devices that are not only immensely effective but also fall easily on the wallet. That, along with their purchasing policies is the perfect blend for you to try.

To know more about these policies, please continue reading.

Precautions Taken 

Of course, consumer safety is a top priority. At-home red light therapy devices, if not developed carefully, can result in detrimental health and safety issues for the users.  

If the light is not filtered properly, or the light spectrum is too strong, it could cause severe skin and health issues for the consumer. Burning patches, eye damage, rashes, and skin irritation are some common examples of what may prevail. 

On the other hand, if the light spectrum is too low, below 660nm, it is likely to be ineffective. Therefore, it is important to maintain the balance between high and low light spectrums.

Keeping these in mind, Solaslight designed their units to fit the FDA-approved methods. All Solaslight devices have been tested and certified to meet the RoHS and CE standards. This ensures the maximum safety of the users while delivering maximum benefits. 

The flickering lights may trigger some users who face migraine issues, or epilepsy. Solaslight even came up with a solution to that issue by administering flicker-free low EMF LEDs to power their devices. 

Before releasing the units in the market, Solalight made sure to conduct primary and secondary research to guarantee the safety of its users. 

Not only have they gone through a plethora of research papers and previously collected data, but they also took the initiative to conduct over 4000 peer-reviewed studies. 

After getting a thumbs-up, and numerous positive feedback from the test subjects, they finally released their red light therapy devices into the market for commercial use. 

The Solaslight Mini Portable Device

Now, the main reason why you are here – the Mini Portable device from Solaslight. The best handheld LED light therapy device in 2022, at just $199!

Solaslight is known for its patented multi-spectrum light output. This means that all their devices, including the Mini Portable, are designed with Tri-Power LED systems that use specific science-based light spectrums.

The use of 660nm, 850nm, and 930nm spectrum bulbs creates the perfect concoction of red lights to treat your health concerns. 

This Tri-Power system gives it an edge over its competitors when it comes to delivering faster results.

Here are the specifics of the Solaslight Mini Portable device:

  • Portable: On the run? Your local gym does not provide red light therapy to loosen your muscles after a heavy workout? No problem! Grab your Solas Mini Portable and head on your way.

Its compact chassis allows it to be handheld and travel-friendly. The ultra-slick and thin design makes it easy for you to hold it near your problem area, throughout the recommended therapy session (10-15 minutes), without getting your hands tired.

Not only is it 30% lighter and smaller, but it is THE smallest, yet powerful, portable red light therapy device.

  • Technology: In addition to their Tri Power spectrum system, and non-flickering EMF LED light bulbs, it now comes with their new dual spectrum lenses!

It might be small in size, but it sure does pack a punch.

  • Battery powered: Tripping on wires or losing your charger can definitely be a hassle. Therefore, the Solas Mini Portable was designed with functionality and convenience in mind. 

Its battery-powered feature eliminates the need for you to run around looking for a socket, or a fitting multi-port.  

  • Targetted: Do you have a tightened muscle cramp on your arm that just won’t go away no matter how much you massage it? The idea of bathing in red light, from a mammoth device, to treat such a small problem area may sound redundant to you. 

Well, this is exactly why you need the Solas Mini Portable red light therapy device. You can just turn it on and hold it in front of your arm, or whichever area you are targeting, to address the issue.

The Solas Mini Portable device comes with:

  • The Solas Mini Device itself (Duh!)
  • Solas Amped Power Unit
  • Solas Eye Protection
  • Instruction Manual
  • Travel Bag

Unlike the harmful UVA and UVB rays from the run, Solaslight devices use natural red and near-infrared light bulbs, at low wavelengths to boost your cellular energy. Its lack of harmful irradiation, and no added chemicals, makes this device, and all other Solaslight devices, completely safe to use. 

It is also perfect for the face. Whether you are experiencing signs of aging, or hormonal acne, the Mini Portable device is the best device to address those concerns due to its compact size.   

Tip: Applying cotton pads soaked in green tea, prior to the red light therapy treatment has proven to speed up results by 10x! You can read all about it here.

If you are skeptical about its efficacy, and on the fence about taking a chance on the Mini Portable device, you can read the positive reviews, left by its esteemed customers, right here. 

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Solaslight is endorsed by many athletes. In their journey so far, they have managed to win over multiple MLB players through their magnificent service and high-quality products. 

The most recent famous figure to join the Solas Tribe is none other than the Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher – Michael Grove! He has left some glowing reviews about his experience with Solaslight and its devices. 

You can check out their Instagram page – @solasredlight – for product updates, celebrity endorsements, and more customer reviews. 


Solaslight has multiple policies that aid customers with their purchases, and provide security. All Solaslight products:

  • Arrive in 5-7 days.
  • Has free premium US shipping, with discounted shipping worldwide.
  • Has a 3 year warranty.
  • Has a buy now pay later policy.
  • Transformable and stackable


Be it a beauty-related concern, such as hair fall and acne, or a more serious disease, such as arthritis, Solaslight has got your back. 

The Mini Portable device from Solaslight is the ideal device for you to treat small, targeted areas. 

The innovative technology and the compact size of the device make it a tough contender in the market for at-home red light therapy devices. Not to mention, their multiple technical features make it even harder to compete with. 

The low, competitive price point, along with their multiple customer-centric policies, adds the final nail to the coffin for its competitors. 

You will get the best value for money with this device. 
So, are you ‘Ready To Light Up Your Life’?