Full Body Therapy

The Apollo by Solas was intended to give you all the benefits of red light therapy in our full body panel design. The Apollo is our most popular in home unit used for full body red light therapy treatments.

solas apollo


The Solas Apollo is the perfect size for full body targeted treatments. You can add other units to your Apollo.

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Proven Power

The Solas Apollo has enough irradiance for a full body application.

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Built With Quality

Solas units are built to be safe and last

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Full Body Treatment

The Solas Apollo can be used at home for full body applications. 


NM Wavelentgh

NM Wavelength

MW/CM2 Irradiance

solas apollo

Solas Apollo

Do you want all of the benefits of red light therapy at home?

The Solas Apollo was designed to be used to target all areas of the body.  Using near and infrared wavelengths to assist the body. You can switch both wavelengths or use just one.

More information on the benefits of our units click below.

2 Year Warranty

When you choose a Solas panel you are getting 2 years of worry-free use. Our red light therapy panels are made with aluminum constructions and German LED that will last more than 50000 hours.  

solas red light therapy
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The Solas Apollo, The full body targeted red light therapy device you will need. Simply plug the unit in and select the treatment time and the desired wavelengths.


The Solas Apollo was designed to be for every inch of your body. However you can stack this unit with other Solas products using our accessories


The Apollo is so effective for whole body treatments. The amount of irradiance per treatment area is perfect.


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Other Products

solas mini

Solas Iris

Check out our other unit the Solas Iris. This is our smaller targeted treatment device.

solas apollo

Solas Mini

Solas new innovative compact travel red light therapy device. Take your treatment wherever you go.

Solas Titan

The almighty Titan, our most powerful and therapeutic unit, used by professional athletes and health coaches


Solas offers modular stands, glasses and hangers for your Solas unit.


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