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Red Light Therapy Pads: A Buyer’s Need-To-Know Guide

Red Light Therapy Pads: A Buyer’s Need-To-Know Guide

Solas red light therapy pad.

Have you been experiencing muscle stiffness in particular areas of your body? Perhaps from the lack of movement due to the worldwide lockdown. 

The muscle pain you have been experiencing might be directly linked to your inability to sleep. And maybe you have been spending your nights exercising your fingers trying to search for methods to relieve that pain. If you are experiencing any or all of the above then know that red light therapy is the non-invasive, affordable fix.

Working from home, along with the lack of sun exposure, is likely to take a toll on our bodies. The muscle pain you may have been bearing through may be caused by vitamin D deficiency. 

Red light therapy devices mimic the benefits of the sun without the harmful exposure of UV ray lights.

What is better Solas red light panels or red light pads?

Difference Between Red Light Pads and Panels

Both red light therapy pads and panels work the same way. They each treat the body through the emission of red or near-infrared light at low wavelengths. 

The difference lies in the structure. Red light panels have broad coverage and can be used to treat a large section of the body. Red light pads are for targeted use

Red light panels allow you to bathe in the light due to their broader coverage. It comes in different sizes. 

If you want to dip your toe in and purchase a red light therapy panel device, you could check out the Iris V3 from Solaslight.

Red light therapy pads help you to target specific areas of the body. You could be experiencing pain in your thighs after an intense workout session. Or back pain from having to sit in front of the laptop for hours on end. 

We recommend the Helios Total, also from Solaslight. The 3-year warranty and quick and free delivery is definitely a bonus.

Therefore, its efficacy depends on your individual preference and requirements. 

Advantages of Opting for a Red Light Therapy Pad

  • Convenience – To obtain maximum benefits, red light therapy users must directly expose themselves to the light. The Helios Total red light pads make the process more convenient compared to panel devices. 

You do not even have to worry about needing protection for your eyes. This device treats the body by encapsulating the targetted area instead of filling the room with light. So, the LED lights only treat the area that is exposed to them.

Since the recommended treatment time is 20 minutes, you will be able to wear the red light therapy pads while preparing dinner or spending time with your folks.

  • Wrap-around system – The red light therapy pads must be wrapped around the body. It allows the user to treat their body from the back and front. 

For example, wrap the Helios Total pad around your thighs to relieve the muscles after an intense workout. 

  • Portable – These pads are lightweight. That makes it convenient for you to bring them along while traveling. 

It also allows you to move around while still wearing them without feeling any discomfort.

  • Efficient – Red light therapy pads treat targeted areas only, for example, arms and legs. It eliminates the need for you to bathe in the light, thus, more efficient.

Why Go for the Helios Total Model

Before diving into why you should purchase this product, here is a little back story on why and how Solaslight came up with this model. 

Sitting sheltered in a red-light room for 20 minutes sounds time-consuming. It may even put some users off. You may be too tired or too busy to take some time off your schedule for the treatment. 

Solas designed the Helios Total model with exactly that in mind. They aimed to provide their users with ultimate comfort and convenience.

The Helios Total device provides treatment for targeted areas. They wanted to create a product that would treat only the required areas of the body. They deduced that using a larger device to treat a joint or muscle seemed to be overdoing it. 

Therefore, designing red light therapy pads to target specific areas seemed more efficient and economical. 

The flexible red light therapy pads act on the same principle of red light but in a compact and flexible form. Using the red light therapy pads frees up your time and energy.

They also have a product specifically designed to relieve muscle tension from the shoulders. The Helios Pulse Shoulder.

Bottom Line

If you are facing muscle pain in any of these following areas, the Helios Total device is ideal for you:

  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Thighs
  • Lower and upper abdomen

And, if you are looking to treat your sore shoulders, then go for the Helios Pulse Shoulder device. 

Needless to mention Solaslight’s marvellous 3-year warranty policy, along with fast and free premium delivery (United States). Not convinced yet? Well, they also have a ‘buy now pay later policy’! 

High-quality, premium products at reasonable prices! What more could you ask for?