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Red Light Therapy weight loss


You might have heard of many therapies for Weight Loss in your lifetime.
Remember those ads about traditional medicine overthrowing pharmaceutical companies?


Well, things like Liposuction, the invention of the sauna belt, or putting hours and hours into the gym doing intense manual labor and pretending it doesn’t hurt?

If that jogs your memory, there’s some good news regarding that.

Science has caught up and allowed us all to benefit from the seemingly magical effects of Red Light Therapy that don’t require you to do any of those things anymore.

Let all of that go.

Let’s get you introduced to the wonderful world of healing through Solas’ Red Light Therapy.

What is Red Light Therapy?

So you may have heard about Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) or red light therapy (RLT) as a safe and non-invasive treatment that uses low-wavelength red and near-infrared lasers to treat people just like yourself or even us. But, there’s always more to it than that.

Theoretically, you could be dubious of its advantages because there is no surgical procedure or hazardous chemicals involved. The infrared light released in the treatment penetrates just beneath the skin’s surface, naturally breaking down the cell membrane as your body usually does.

Except with solas’ red light therapy, this procedure effectively aids in the reduction of fat cells and their removal through the body’s excretory system.

The recovery process using red light therapy alone is completely hassle-free, painless, and super cool to look at, but it should take you about six 20-40 minute sessions with the doctor helping you with your weight loss journey.

How Does Red Light Therapy Assist In Weight Loss?

The therapy begins by encasing the body using solas’ red-light emitting equipment. The light that is emitted is absorbed by the mitochondria in our cells, resulting in an increase in cellular energy production. For more on the science behind it, click here.

This really helps break down the glucose in our bodies.

As a result, your metabolism will speed up, allowing you to lose weight much, much faster.

Red Light Therapy (a non-laser alternative to laser lipo) for weight management and cellulite reduction is assisting patients in losing the inches they desire.

For those of you who have tried everything and nothing appears to be working to help you lose weight, our Red Light Therapy body sculpting might be a feasible option for you to take charge of your life once again.

Some of the Benefits of Red Light Therapy For Weight Loss:

1) Muscle Growth:

You might be wondering just how Red Light promotes muscular growth and weight loss.

The work that you’re doing at the gym or at the comfort of your home burns calories just during the activity. Your focus on muscular training helps the body to burn fat long after the workout is completed.

Your body or your temple as some would call it is naturally quite capable of healing after a strenuous workout and usually, when you’re resting.

RLT aids the focus points on muscle fiber regeneration on a molecular level using a technology called photobiomodulation.

This breakthrough technology aids in muscle growth makes it a perfect program for athletes and even for those looking to reduce weight quickly.

2) Autoimmune Activity Reduction:

Our body has various coping mechanisms. Some of which can often tip onto extremities, such as some uncalled-for autoimmune activity. An autoimmune activity triggers the thyroid gland and causes it to release hormones that wouldn’t normally be released.

These hormones make you fat and we know you hate that. But it’s a real condition though, thyroid problems resulting from autoimmune activity can often lead to involuntary weight gain.

This is why opting for Red Light Therapy can be super helpful in assisting with these conditions. Red light therapy effectively reduces autoimmune activity, which helps your body to function and regulate normally again.

How Does Red Light Therapy Treat Fat Cells?

There are mainly three types of fat cells in your body. White, Beige, and Brown.

In terms of how they’re stored, your essential fats are found in your brain, bone marrow, nerves, and membranes surrounding your organs.

Secondly,  your. Subcutaneous fat, which is the jiggly fat visible under your skin, is present quite literally everywhere in your body. Arms, belly, thighs, buttocks, you name it.

Lastly is Visceral fat which is also known as belly fat is stored near your abdomen area protecting all your major organs.

High levels of fat can increase the risk for diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

RLT creates small holes in the fat cells which result in fatty acids (lipids), to pour out.

This disables the fat cells from swelling up. Diminishing fat cells increases our blood circulation in those areas or through those layers of fat.

Allowing the body to completely discard those unnecessary fat tissues naturally.

Keeping your metabolism, hormone levels, and temperature levels in check.

Reduced appetite: 

You are what you eat (mostly) because you’re 90% water too. So you’re also what you drink.

In general, the fatty foods we consume are surprisingly delicious to the human tongue and the brain that is registering this type of food as delicious.

However, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what foods contain fat when you’re eating them.

In effect, we all know that a strict diet can be tough for anyone following a diet and the constant struggle to hold back from it. 

On top of that, Especially with all the offers in fast food joints where there are free drink refills with enough sugar in it to form a mound,  and those 24-hour drive-thrus just waiting for you to ask for that happy meal.

In the event that that happy meal somehow made you sad?

Red light therapy has actually proven to reduce your appetite for that specific type of food.

While this is still a study in progress, experts have explicitly mentioned not to heavily rely on fast foods to compensate for the loss in appetite and what better way of inducing that.

REM Sleep:

Hair loss, skin issues, a shorter lifespan, and even weight gain have all been linked to a lack of sleep.

You may develop more serious long-term health concerns if you continue to work without getting enough sleep.

High blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, heart failure, and stroke are just a few of the serious health problems that can result from a lack of sleep.

Irregular sleep can directly affect metabolism, leading to weight gain.

The worst diseases we know of are, depression, immune system damage, and a reduction in sex drive are all potential adverse effects of a lack of sleep.

Sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on your appearance. It might cause premature wrinkles and dark circles beneath the eyes over time.

There’s also a relationship between a lack of sleep and a rise in cortisol, the stress hormone.

Collagen, the protein that makes skin smooth, may be broken down by cortisol.

 A proper sleep pattern (6-8 hours) can help to regulate the metabolism; red light therapy can contribute to regulating sleep, allowing our bodies to recharge by the morning and thus, have more energy to burn calories. 

Real People Losing Weight Through the Aid of Red Light Therapy

Speaking of real people who have applied RLT and gained remarkable results on their weight loss journey.

Solbasium from Youtube shared with us a fascinating study in 2016 that followed the effect of RLT on two identical twins. In a controlled experiment, they had both the twins work on their legs, and immediately after the workout, they would shine the red light onto the legs.

Their findings concluded that this increased their muscle mass more efficiently and they were able to exercise for longer without any pain.

We can safely say that  Red Light Therapy can help you heal from your gym activities quicker, further helping you excel on every step of your weight loss journey.

It’s proven that red light therapy can actually calm hunger pains caused by (leptin and ghrelin) which are the hormones that are responsible for controlling your appetite.

Solbasium also talks about another research paper published in 2012 where they used red light therapy and found that they could lower these hunger hormone levels by 19%.

How Long Before One Starts Seeing Visible Results?

Just like plants, our bodies absorb light energy. The most common example of this is when the sunlight hits us in the morning, causing various reactions in our skin, causing it to eventually make the Vitamin D that we need for the day.

Similarly, When our bodies absorb light waves at these specific wavelengths through Red Light Therapy, our cells respond by improving their day-to-day activities.

Not only does this help with your skin’s smoothness, overall health, and collagen, it also aids your body’s fat-processing abilities.

Kerri Flanagan talked about this at Rouge Care and emphasized that Red light therapy can take up to 4 months to see results.

Think of red light therapy as a gym but for your cells, she said.

The treatment is here with all the benefits that promote weight loss. Let your cells do that extra work for you.

Red light treatment improves your cells’ capacity to create energy, just how weightlifting builds up your muscles and doing cardio strengthens your heart and lungs.

Each of your sessions can last anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes on average.

You might think it’s ideal to have more frequent sessions, which is true if you’re doing it every day.

However, extending the length of your sessions hasn’t really shown that much of an improvement in Red Light Therapy’s effectiveness.  

Ways to Enhance Your Weight Loss Journey with RLT

According to Serenity Waters, the first version of Light Therapy was actually tested around a hundred years ago.

Long before most 99-year-olds were born, they used light therapy to treat a condition known as skin tuberculosis by a physicist called Niels Ryberg Finsen.

His remarkable, and truly legendary work on 800+ patients enabled red light therapy to be then taken up a notch and tested on plants growing on Nasa’s space shuttles.

Who would have known that the plants would respond so well, that the scientist would decide to try it on the astronauts going into space?

It has since been enhanced and modified and made available for athletes, gardeners, race car drivers, countless Instagram influencers, YouTubers, and people.

Just like me and you. Cellular regeneration is a necessity after going through harsh training protocols.

You can help enhance your weight loss journey with red light therapy too!

There are many ways to enhance this. Compliment with your treatment, you can try fasting. Fasting is shown to improve concentration and focus.

Take long walks along the beach, or if you don’t like the beach, take the walk on the treadmill and tell that machine off.

Alternatively, you can also try amping up your water intake. I understand that weight loss is important, and that is why red light therapy for weight loss can work. 

Staying hydrated is a surefire way to take the edge off, and help keep your body feeling refreshed and energized.

Red Light Therapy weight loss
Weight loss for peptides

Bottom Line: Are RLTs Worth the Money if Weight Loss is The Goal?

Well, yes it is. You know this can help you help your body achieve anything. With a clinically proven research assessment, followed by constant results, nothing can stop you from reaching your weight loss goal through attaining one of Solas’ Red light Therapy Devices.

Red Light Therapy devices are easy to use and aren’t as heavily priced in contrast to the average Spa Sessions and Wellness Clinics which can set you back thousands of dollars for every session.

Our products are engineered to perfection and come with a 3 years warranty.

Our Mini Portable is actually an adorable little handheld Red Light Emitting device that goes just under $250. You can find the ideal size of the device that you require on our shop page.

Frequently Answered Question (FAQ)

  1. Will the Weight Loss Gained from Red Light Therapy Be Permanent?

Ans: Just like every other weight-loss method, it depends on you. 

  1. Is Near-Infrared Light Therapy’s Effect on Weight Loss The Same as Red Light Therapy?
    Ans: There is very little scientific evidence that proves this.
  2. Does Red Light Therapy Get Rid of Cellulite?

Ans: Again, it depends on your routine and regime, but RLT will definitely boost your cells. So the odds will not be against you with an RLT device like this.