Red Light Therapy for your pets

Red light therapy for your pet

So, alot of you may already know the benefits of red light therapy for human use. But did you know about the benefits of red light therapy for your pet? Red light therapy or RLT or LLLT (photobiomodulation) has over 3000 published studies. The future of red light therapy and its benefits are amazing and we are excited about it. RLT has really caught on in the fitness sector over the past few years but did you know that veterinarians have been using clinically for years? Its true, dogs and cats across the country have been doing RLT before you and I.

Veterinarians and horse racing experts noticed that applying RLT to a wound that it would heal faster. Recently, research has proven that LEDs are just as effective as lasers because of their ability to deliver the same wavelength and intensity. Over the years RLT has become more affordable with the use of wavelength-specific LEDs for RLT. In the beginning vets would use lasers, but as manufacturing process became cheaper to build quality LED units more vets have access to devices.

How Does Red Light Therapy Help Your Pet?

So red light therapy has numerous studies showing its benefits and methods of helping the body. Check out our other blog on this here.

So RLT it delivers an energy boost to the cell’s energy, which provides full-body effects. Red and infrared light can penetrate your pet’s tissues, muscles, tendons and even assist to promote the healing process. RLT can assist in the same ways that it does for humans. Get the cells some energy to complete the tasks your pets’ bodies require

So Why Does Red Light Therapy Help Your Pet?

Light will power the cells and that red light can help with a number of health conditions in animals, including the following:

  • Joint pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Muscle soreness
  • Wounds and injuries
  • Rashes and infections
  • Inflammation
  • Collagen Production
  • Energy Production

There is one study where a racehorse was treated for tendon issues. The study took LLLT and treated the tendon over a period of time. The study determined that red light therapy assisted in tissue remodeling and healing. To check out this amazing study click here.

If your lovable pet has arthritis, which is a huge problem with dogs in their older years RLT can help. Reducing the inflammation and swelling for arthritis can help your lovable dog or cat have a better quality of life. A recent article shows that RLT can help with your furry friend’s aches and pains, see more here.


If your an amazing pet owner and want to benefit from red light therapy for your pet, try a Solas device. Also please send us your furry friend’s photo using the device because we all love pets at Solas. Brighter light, brighter future with Solas.

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