Solas Iris 300 Targeted Treatment Device

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You Will Feel The Difference With The Solas Iris

The Iris is our most versatile and mobile lamp yet! Power and performance in a small space-saving design the Iris was designed for targeted treatments of specific areas—like your face, joints, or specific muscles. Our competitors charge over $400 for the lower-performing targeted red light device. Discover why the Iris is the most effective and powerful lamp in the smallest form factor. This is the best in home red light therapy red and near-infrared device out there. Targeted red light therapy for any joint or sore area. The Iris can be used for light therapy of the skin and joints or any targeted area of the body.

Amazing Performance

  • Red and near infrared spectrums
  • Digital Timer
  • Exclusive refractory lenses for better light distribution
  • Complete set up kit
  • Over 109mW/cm ² irradiance to boost your cells



LED QTY: 60 5W
Features: Digital Timer & Wavelength Switches
Wavelength: 660nm:850nm=1:1
Power: 300w
Irradiance: @0-6in >109mW/cm ²
EMF: Negligible
Color: White/black
Size:16″ x 9″ x 3″in
Weight: 8lbs / 5kg
Treatment Area: 12″ x 20″in
Beam Angle: 30 degrees *Glass Lens
Includes: Power cord, mounting hardware and manual
Warranty: 2 Years
Lifespan: 100000+ Hours
Switches: NIR & RED *Custom Light Selection
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