Solas Helios Treatment Pad

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Core Features

  • Red & NIR (Near Infrared) LEDs
  • Flexible Red Light Therapy Pad
  • Adjustable
  • Solas Transform Feature (Connect Multiple Helios Pads Together)


flexible red light device

The Helios has the same healing power as our other units with the added benefit of being a flexible red light therapy device. Put the Helios anywhere on the body!


healing light


Multiple Helios devices


targeted treatment

The Solas Helios has over 120 LEDs to induce a cellular response to boost your recovery.


My red light panel was delivered today from Solas. I ended up going with the Apollo model. ...already putting it to use!

Doug A

Works great to help relieve pain in my knees and ankles. I definitely feel it if I skip a day or two. So glad I bought this!

Rachael T