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The Titan at home red light therapy device couple’s flawless design and technology in one device.

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The Solas Titan professional at home red light therapy device has specific wavelengths of light to recharge your cells. The Titan has over 432 LEDs that emit the highest output of healing red and near infrared light.

43.3in x 14.6in x 2.36in 19.6lbs
195mw/cm² @ 0in
432 3/5W EPI LEDs
Flicker No
0.0uT @ 3in
Remote & Panel
RED/NIR/Night shift mode
LED Type
Dual Spectrum
Weight 15.5kg

Core Features:

  • Aluminum construction
  • Digital & Remote Controls
  • Shatterproof glass casing
  • Night Shift Mode
  • Charged Mode
  • 2-year warranty


We offer a variety of Solas therapy devices to fit your lifestyle. Use this guide to pick the device that’s right for you:

Portable: good for on-the-go treatment, easily fits into a bag or purse, used for target treatment

Wearable: meant for targeted treatment and pain relief, rechargeable battery, form-fitting to keep infrared lights focused on specific area

Panel: for that at-home, hands-free therapy practice, our panels are used by professionals and amateurs alike, ideal for anyone wanting to add red-light therapy to their workout or meditation practice

Eye protection is not required, but we do strongly encourage you to use eye protection if you’ll be looking directly into the Solas device. If you wear the device on a part of your body, face away when you have the device on, or sleep with the device, eye protection is not required. Just as sunglasses keep us from squinting in the sun, so too does eye protection help protect our eyes when using Solas products.

Yes, we do offer a variety of financing options. You can choose to pay through Sezzle at checkout, or simply choose the “pay now” or “pay later” option. We want to make our Solas devices fit your lifestyle, and your budget.

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Our Titan professional in home red light therapy unit was built and engineered with quality in mind. Starting with aircraft grade aluminum and glass that’s able to let the most amount of light through.



Science and technology combined for one smart device. The Titan can dim at night with our Night Shift feature. Using the Titan’s Charged mode, it can amplify the intensity of the red light panel to maximize the effectiveness.

  • VERSATILE Charged & Night Shift Modes
  • FULL BODY Cover Your Body With Light
  • REMOTE CONTROL Control From Anywhere


We’re not here to make up results, this technology has been researched and tested by accredited organizations like the FDA to bring the results you need.
Made with your health in mind, our patented design is proven to target your cells and deliver, every time.
The Titan comes with multiple to modes to maximize your health goals.
Our products are made to bring you maximum results with as little money down as possible. We use the highest-quality materials, but we’re not charging you an arm and a leg for something that just looks cool.



Our red light therapy panels are the ultimate full-body therapy device, designed to inject all the benefits of red light directly into your cells, not just on one part of your body, but all over.



All Solas red light therapy devices are tested and certified to meet RoHS and CE standards. We put your health and safety first when designing and marketing our products.



Our Titan units come with a power cord, eye protection, remote and a floor stand.


That’s why we create devices to help shift your body with cellular energy. Our meticulously engineered devices give your cells the signal to deliver just the right amount of what you need to bring your body back to a healing, energized state.


We offer no money down buy now pay later options.

3-Year Warranty

All Solas devices come with a 3-year warranty.

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Customer Reviews

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Ryan Cubillos

My titans are awesome, great investment!

Ryan Cubillos

I love my titans, had to buy two. One of the best investments one can make to optimize performance and recovery. Thank you, Solas!

We are so stoked that you love your new panel, and we thoroughly understand how addicting red light can be for the body!

Zahari Angelov
great product

great product

We are so happy you are loving your Solas.

Love My Panel! Do Your Body A Favor & Buy One!

I use my panel 5 times a week right before I go to bed. I absolutely love it. I’m using RLT to repair my mitochondria and reduce inflammation. I will be getting my test results done for cellular health in 6 weeks after using this for 4 months straight. Im excited to see the results. My energy levels haven’t been this good since I sustained a pharmaceutical injury almost a year ago. I also purchased the portable and use that several times a week while at work. I love Jason’s lights and trust his products!!! This is a quality and legit company!!!

Marie D.
I've had my Solas Iris

I've had my Solas Iris for only 2 weeks but I feel like it's already increasing my energy levels after battling a toxic illness that harmed my mitochondria. I even did 15 minutes solely on my knees earlier today and was shocked when I jumped right up off my bed with no joint stiffness a few hours later. I highly recommend and am excited to see how far my health will improve with this device.