The Science Behind The Healing Power

So shining a red light at your body can give you superpowers right? Well, our devices can surely give you some amazing benefits your body needs. Red light therapy in a non-invasive therapy that is used by shining red light and near-infrared light onto the skin.

That light actually powers your cells batteries to give your body the energy it needs to do some amazing things. Using a high-quality device like a Solas in just 10 minutes a day can really make a difference in how you feel.

You know why people feel better at the beach? Well that is because our bodies crave the wavelengths the sun emits to power our cells. Our devices use those two wavelengths to boost your cells but without those harmful UV rays from the sun.

Life is short, why not boost your body with a Solas device

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Why Our Devices Are Different and Better

Light Therapy uses specific wavelengths, proven to be therapeutic. The red and infrared light that falls within the wavelength range of 650-980nm is extremely beneficial and often referred to as the “therapeutic window”. These specific wavelengths of light can be bio active in humans and will affect the cells in a positive way.

Red light emits between the 620-700nm range of the spectrum. The red light or visible light has its own positive effects on the human cells and skin. The infrared wavelengths in the upper 800nm penetrate the tissues deeper and activate the mitochondria as proven in many studies.

Solas devices use three wavelengths to power cellular energy and repair. Our device uses our patented TRI-POWER spectrum (660nm,850nm,930nm) output to produce faster cellular response over any other comparable device.

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Our Wavelengths Fall Between the Therapeutic Window or Sweet Spot

At Solas all of our devices use three wavelengths give our units an upper hand over any other red light therapy device. We call this patented feature TRI-POWER.

When light is emitted that light must pass through the dermal, sub-dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin. Using two infrared spectrums gives our unit the capability to go further into the tissue, reaching the cells faster. 

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What are the Benefits of SOLAS Red Light Therapy?

Collagen Booster

Muscle Recovery

Pain Reduction


Cellular Health

Deuterium Depletion

Hormone Booster


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