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How Red-Light Therapy Can Improve Sleep

How Red-Light Therapy Can Improve Sleep

How Red-Light Therapy Can Improve Sleep

70% of adults in the U.S are struggling with their sleep, and 11% are unable to get sufficient sleep every night. Currently, 50 to 70 million Americans are suffering from different sleep-related issues. These people try different solutions; some turn to sleeping pills and others become addicted to harmful drugs. However, there is an underrated solution to improve sleep-red light therapy. This blog post will discuss how using red light therapy can improve sleep. 

What is Red Light Therapy? 


Red Light therapy is a modern way to treat many health issues. During a red light therapy session, a patient is simply exposed to low levels of red or near-infrared light that eyes may not see, but the body feels and absorbs it. 


Improving Melatonin Levels. 


You must have heard from health experts that exposure to blue light can affect our sleep, and that’s why they recommended keeping phones and other devices away before bedtime. Many studies show that blue light can affect the body’s melatonin levels and reduce sleep.  

In contrast, studies have found that red light can have the opposite effect. According to a study in the Journal of Athletic Training, exposure to red light can boost melatonin levels and help regulate sleep and circadian rhythms.

Helping with Sleep Disorders

Research shows that about 10% of Americans are suffering from chronic insomnia and many other sleep disorders. Despite trying different pills, they are unable to get sufficient sleep. Recent database from the National Institutes of Health and many other studies have shown the benefits of red light therapy for people with sleep disorders and depression. For instance, according to 2016 meta-analysis, light therapy is effective for sleep problems in general. Exposure to red light significantly improved people’s sleep patterns with different sleep disorders.

Preventing Sleep Inertia

The impact of red light therapy isn’t just limited to bedtime at night. A study recently published in the Journal of Nature and Science of Sleep shows that red light therapy prevents “sleep inertia.” According to the study, people who were exposed to red light woke up more alert and fresh. 

Are you also suffering from any sleep disorder and unable to get sufficient sleep? Do you wake up feeling lazy and exhausted every day? Try red light therapy today, and transform your life. You can easily find a wide range of high-quality red LED light devices. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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