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Red Light Therapy sport injuries

How Red Light Therapy Assist in Healing Sports Injuries

How Red Light Therapy Assist in Healing Sports Injuries

The use of red light therapy (RLT) has become widespread among fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes as a means to achieve peak performance. The therapeutic treatment technique can help repair muscle and delay the onset of fatigue.

Clinical trials on the effects of red light therapy indicate that the treatment leads to better physical performance with regard to speed, strength, and endurance. More importantly, RLT treatments lead to faster muscle recovery after a strenuous workout or injury, which minimizes downtime.

Here are some valuable insights about red light therapy that can improve performance and aid muscle healing.

1. RLT Boosts Muscle Recovery

A hard workout can lead to muscle soreness and inflammation that reduce productivity for several days. Red light therapy is an incredible technique that speeds up muscle and connective tissue healing by boosting energy production in the cells. It penetrates several layers of the skin to provide deep healing and rejuvenation at a cellular level.

2. RLT in Healing Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are often associated with contact sports—but even non-impact sports, such as cycling, can cause muscle soreness, pain, and even stress fractures. Red light therapy boosts collagen production that helps with faster recovery.

Although collagen is often linked to better skin, it’s an essential element in muscle and connective tissues as well. As a result, it aids in the repair of micro-tears in muscles caused by sports injuries.

A 2016 study on the effects of muscle RLT found that it reduces return-to-play times significantly and can help reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, relax muscle spasms, and reduce reported pain levels.

3. RLT Reduces Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the major reasons why we feel tired or burnt out after a workout session. Studies show that red light therapy before exercise can reduce fatigue, as witnessed in a higher time-to-exhaustion and faster recovery after each session. This shows that athletes can get more out of each session with RLT before their muscles start to exhibit symptoms of fatigue.

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