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Red Light Therapy is Better

Choose Your Color: Why Red Light Therapy is Better than Blue Light for the Body

Choose Your Color: Why Red Light Therapy is Better than Blue Light for the Body

Your skin is exposed to dirt, pollution, and other environmental damage over time. Having a skincare regimen can go a long way in ensuring that you look fresh and dewy every day. LED light therapy is a new and innovative way of dealing with skin problems efficiently. While both red and blue light therapy offer convenient clinical strength skincare treatments, the former is preferred.

Red light therapy offers a range of health and beauty benefits for different areas of your body. Here’s why you should invest your hard-earned money in a red light portable device:

It has anti-aging effects

Red and blue LED treatments work at different wavelengths. Therefore, they penetrate the skin with different intensities and have varying effects. Red light therapy affects collagen production, a protein that helps the skin recover when it’s harmed, and reverses the signs of photoaging in the skin.

Conversely, blue light therapy hasn’t proven to have any anti-aging effects on the skin. However, some studies show that it may combat acne by reducing activity in the sebaceous glands. But even then, blue light therapy for acne treatment is most effective when used in combination with red light therapy.

It improves hair growth

Androgenetic alopecia, or male-pattern baldness, is a common hair fall problem that results in a receding hairline. Over time, you may start to lose hair from both temples, forming the characteristic “M” shape. Needless to say, not many are pleased with having to deal with male or female-pattern baldness. Red light therapy has shown reinvigorating effects on many people suffering from androgenetic alopecia.

This non-invasive treatment can stimulate hair follicles and restore your hair without any severe risks. Conversely, blue light therapy has been shown to have no effects on hair growth.

It promotes wound healing and tissue repair

Since red light therapy directly affects collagen and elastin production in your body, it can help cells reproduce faster. This not only reverses wrinkles and fine lines, but it can also reduce inflammation and pore size by boosting skin repair.

Having portable red light devices at your disposal gives you the convenience to use them whenever you like. If you’re looking for affordable tools, shop from SOLAS, we provide delivery at your doorstep in record time. Browse through our collection to find your favorite red light therapy device today.


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