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At Home Red Light Therapy For Fat Loss

At Home Red Light Therapy For Fat Loss

At Home Red Light Therapy For Fat Loss

Is Red Light Therapy Beneficial for Weight Loss?

When it comes to weight loss therapies and procedures, those who wish to lose extra pounds get all excited. Losing weight can be struggling for some, and in such cases, procedures might prove to be helpful in getting rid of stubborn fat. There is one such therapy that is gaining a lot of popularity, and that is Red LED Light Therapy.

What It Is & How It Works?

Red light therapy is a non-invasive procedure for fat removal treatment. It is also known as low-level laser therapy or infrared light, where a device like a ‘Lightwave Led’ is used to deliver safe and concentrated wavelengths of therapeutic natural light to your skin and cells. 

The concentrated wavelengths reduce oxidative stress and stimulate cellular energy production.

It can sound too good to be true to some people, but many have claimed that it has helped remove “stubborn” fat, which was not becoming possible through diet and exercise. It is fast becoming a popular form of body sculpting that claims to remove fat cells without surgery via a non-invasive procedure. The layers of fat that sit just below you are skin-targeted. 

One common theory related to LLLT is that it temporarily breaks down part of the cell membrane. The stored fat cells leach out, shrink, and get easily removed from the body via the natural waste removal process.

What to Anticipate from a Red-Light Therapy Session?

Different clinics may offer a different session experience, and things may vary according to your goals.

In a session, a laser will be placed on the treatment area for about 10-40 minutes by a trained dermatologist or plastic surgeon. However, if you wish to see substantial results, you must take at least six sessions, which are often highly recommended in Red Light Therapy. You might need to give a gap of 1 or 2 weeks between sessions.

You will have a room to yourself where the Red Light Therapy for weight loss will be conducted, and you will need to take off your clothes. A pair of goggles will be provided to protect your eyes from the laser. You will lie down under panels of warming red lights. To tackle the stubborn areas, a practitioner may pass an LED light-infused wand over your skin to boost the effects.

After every session, there is no need to lie down. You can resume your normal activities. But eating a healthy diet and exercising are recommended.

Does Red Light Therapy Works for Weight Loss?

Red Light Therapy has effectively risen as one of the most promising procedures for weight loss. This fact can be backed by various studies and the results that participants experience. Many celebrities like Bella Hadid, Joan Smalls, and Chrissy Teigen also swear by this therapy.

The therapy can help reduce fat cells’ size and help shape the body contour, but that’s not where the benefits end. There are many additional benefits as well. A 2012 study focused on the effects of light on leptin and Ghrelin. Leptin is an appetite-controlling hormone that assists in maintaining body weight and regulating how much energy the body burns. Whereas, Ghrelin increases appetite and also stimulates the release of growth hormone. The study focused on people who had poor sleeping habits because reduced sleep levels increase the production of Ghrelin and reduce leptin which leads to weight gain. The research further showed that when these individuals were exposed to red light, it significantly enhanced their leptin and reduced Ghrelin. There was also a reduction in hunger levels, which can greatly impact those who try to follow a low-calorie diet for weight loss.

Another study was conducted to see how red light therapy benefits regular exercise routines. Obese women were a part of this study and divided into two groups. One group was of controlled participants doing regular exercise while receiving a placebo light treatment. The other group participated in exercise training and red light therapy immediately after exercise. This routine helped research to find out that there was a greater reduction in fat mass and an increase in total skeletal muscle mass in the women of the controlled group.

The fact that Red Light Therapy is non-invasive, safe, and painless treatment; is encouraging more and more people to give it a try to achieve their weight loss goals.


For weight loss and fat reduction, red light therapy — or low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is an ideal option. With daily exercise, you will be able to achieve greater and astonishing results that seem impossible at first.

If you wish to give this therapy a try, it is vital that you visit qualified and board-certified healthcare providers such as dermatologists or plastic surgeons. Such a professional will assess your health status and accordingly provide tailored recommendations. We also wrote a blog on losing weight here.

One particular consideration with Red Light Therapy is the cost. However, it will certainly depend on the professional you are visiting. But, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money or to look for a way to enjoy the incredible benefits of Red Light Therapy on a budget, you can buy the Red-Light Therapy Device from Solas. The brand is known to provide high-quality red light therapy devices with payment plans and financing options. So you can own one without making the purchase heavy on your pocket. You can get an extended warranty guarantee. Owning such a device will make your weight loss dreams easier to achieve. The device is easy to use. You can use it as and when you like without leaving the comforts of your home.

After reading about the studies above, you would have come to know that Red Light Therapy is safe and hasn’t reported any significant side effects. So, if you are determined to give this therapy a try, you can go ahead without any worries.

The bottom Line

If you are struggling with stubborn fat and want to get past it at the earliest, then Red Light Therapy might be the way for you. You will be able to sculpt your body and enjoy a better life. However, it is essential that you do not leave behind your exercise schedule. Carry on with it this way; you will be able to get much better results from your red light therapy sessions. You will be able to develop a routine that could last long and help you maintain the body of your dreams.

Most researchers have concluded that this therapy can remove fat from the waist and arms and the results are quite satisfactory. It could be an expensive procedure to try, but with the red light therapy device from Solace, you can save a significant amount of money while enjoying all the benefits this therapy has to offer. With regular use, you will be able to get results that will last long.

Better diet choices and an active lifestyle will only aid the process. It will also become a way of staying healthy and achieving the body that you have always wanted. The procedure is safe and nothing to be worried about. If you want to get double assurance, you can consult a certified dermatologist to get a more insightful idea and recommendations on how to go about this therapy to attain optimum results.

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