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Affiliate Benefits

  • Earn Money: You get commissions for each sale referred by your special custom link!
  • 30-Day cookie: Make money on sales you referred in the past when your link is clicked.
  • Free Membership: Join the Solas tribe and see the benefits then let your tribe know and get paid for your efforts when you sell a Solas device.
  • Why Join? Solas has helped so many with their health goals, We know you will love the product so much it will be effortless letting your friends and followers know how much it has helped you.

Can Your Brand Align With Solas?

  • Your following or tribe has an interest in health and wellness or bio hacking.
  • Your following and customer base is actively looking for product suggestions or reviews.
  • You have a following of at least 1000 members.
  • You are not a deal or coupon-based site

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