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All Solas devices have science backed and proven wavelengths and an outstanding warranty

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We offer no money down buy now pay later options.

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All Solas devices come with a 3-year warranty.

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We offer free shipping in the US and discounted worldwide shipping.

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Solas devices use red and near-infrared wavelengths based on clinical trials proven to power cellular energy in the form of ATP. Our cells need ATP to make energy so you can perform at your best.

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Solas Tribe Member Reviews

My red light panel was delivered today from Solas. I ended up going with the Apollo model. ...already putting it to use!

Doug Adams

So in 10 minutes we set up the unit and powered it up. This unit is so bright it did get the whole room red! Im stoked I purchased from Solas.

Bob C

Personally I wanted a light I could take anywhere. I found Solas on Instagram and their units seem to really have a good price point. 

Rachael T

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